Nicholas Sasson, MD

A family practice physician.

Nicholas Sasson, MD is a family practice physician who is based out of Monterey, California. He specializes in treating substance abuse, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, veterans issues, and women’s health. Nicholas is currently the Medical Director and Staff Physician at a large outpatient clinic for the Department of Veteran Affairs. 

Before beginning his career as a physician, Nicholas Sasson, MD completed his education at various universities in California. Nicholas started his education at the University of California –  Berkley. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree as a double major Psychology and Anthropology. During his time at the university, Nicholas Sasson was the Principal Investigator in two research projects titled “Pace of Life – a Cross-Cultural Study of Time” and “Shamanism and Healing in the Himalayas.”

After graduating in 1993, Nicholas Sasson, MD went on to attend medical school at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, which was founded in 1885 making it the second oldest medical school in California. During medical school, Nicholas Sasson had many opportunities to gain experience in the field. He was the Principal Investigator on a research study: “The Exploration of Childbirth Pain as a Function of Family Support,” which Nicholas presented at the 1999 International Health Medical Education Consortium Conference. He also received an HRSA-funded grant to complete a Family Medicine rotation in Nome, Alaska. 

After receiving his Medical Degree, Nicholas Sasson, MD completed his residency with the University of California – San Francisco. His three year Family Medicine Residency was completed at the county hospital in Salinas, California. Aside from completing his residency, Nicholas Sasson also volunteered at various organizations. He volunteered at “Dorothy’s Kitchen,” which is a free clinic that provides care for homeless patients and for the Monterey County School District, where he provided free sports physicals for local high school students.

A year before completing his residency, Nicholas Sasson, MD began working part-time at Planned Parenthood as a Contract Physician. Here he provides patient care and training to other primary care providers. Since 2005, Dr. Nicholas Sasson continues to work here part-time.

Once Nicholas Sasson, MD finished his three-year residency in 2006, he became a Staff Physician for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has continued to work here as a Primary Care Provider and as one of the dedicated Women’s Health Specialists before becoming the Medical Director. He is currently responsible for supervising a staff of 15 primary care providers. 

In 2008, Nicholas Sasson, MD also began working at Natividad Medical Foundation/UCSF Family Medicine Residency as a Faculty Substance Abuse Specialist. Here, he spent six years working in this role where he served as the lead curriculum director responsible for creating and implementing an Addiction Medicine curriculum for Family Medicine Residents. Nicholas Sasson created a three-year focusing on techniques for identifying and managing substance abuse in the primary care setting.

For two years, Nicholas Sasson, MD worked at the Cypress Healthcare Partners / Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital as a Staff Physician and Intermittent Acting Medical Director. From 2017 to 2019 he was a full-time physician for this urgent care group. He regularly supervised Advanced Practitioners and when two leaders weren’t available, he acted as the Medical Director where he supervised over 50 providers. Dr. Nicholas Sasson has continued to take on leadership roles to supervise and help others. 

Nicholas Sasson, MD interested in holistic medicine, treating both the mind and body together. He has dedicated his career to helping to treat people for various medical issues as well as working with those who have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse. When he is not working, he enjoys listening and playing music, hiking, camping, and traveling.